广东路艺新材料有限公司是LOUIS  LONG路易诗兰艺术涂料中国区唯一运营商,秉承LOUIS  LONG路易诗兰的宗旨,将最好最纯正的意大利的产品和服务引入中国,带给千家万户纯正的涂装享受。广东路艺新材料有限公司是LOUIS  LONG路易诗兰品牌运营中心,兼顾营销、培训、服务、售后、品牌推广全方面的工作,运营中心座落于中国涂料之乡~广东·顺德,公司现有品牌运营部、市场推广部、销售一部、销售二部、技术研发部、产品应用部、售后服务部、客服部、财务部、仓储物流部等几大运营机构,保证LOUIS LONG在中国的高速发展,使中国爱好艺术的人们,生活过的如诗如画!

Guangdong Louis new materials Co., Ltd. is the only operator in the LOUIS LONG art paint China area, adhering to the purpose of LOUIS LONG, the best and most pure products and services of Italy into China, bringing thousands of families of pure painting enjoyment. Guangdong Road New Material Co., Ltd. is the LOUIS LONG brand operation center, taking into account all aspects of marketing, training, service, after-sales, brand promotion. The operation center is located in the hometown of Chinese paint ~ Guangdong Shunde. The company has the existing brand operation Department, the marketing department, the sales one, the two sales department, the technology research and development department and the production. Products application department, after-sales service department, customer service department, finance department, warehousing and logistics department and other major operating institutions to ensure the high speed development of LOUIS LONG in China, so that people who love art paint live as picturesque in China!

路易诗兰LOUIS  LONG进口艺术涂料,公司位于意大利艺术之都FERRARA。公司拥有欧洲强大的研发中心与实验室GFCCHIMICIA,进入21世纪,公司致力于研究和开发创新产品,不单以生产高品质艺术涂料享誉盛名,也为全欧洲超过400家涂料企业提供原材料技术分析与产品认证服务,得利于强大的研发队,成为了意大利为数不多的全系列艺术涂料产品通过法国A+环保认证的生产厂家!路易诗兰艺术漆以精致、典雅、高贵、浪漫温馨的装饰效果,深得消费者喜爱;其高超的艺术造诣、经典的时尚装饰在意大利享誉盛名!

LOUIS LONG imported art paint and is located in the Italian art capital FERRARA. The company has a strong R&D center and laboratory in Europe, GFCCHIMICIA. In the 21st century, the company is committed to research and develop innovative products. It is not only famous for producing high-quality art coatings, but also provides technical analysis and product certification services for more than 400 paint enterprises in Europe. It benefits from a strong R&D team and has become one of the few complete series of art coatings in Italy. Products through the French A + environmental certification manufacturers!Louis Long  Art Paint is exquisite, elegant, noble, romantic and warm decoration effect, won the consumer's favorite; its superb artistic accomplishments, classic fashion decoration is well-known in Italy!

路易诗兰LOUIS  LONG艺术涂料致力于为全人类带来最环保健康的艺术产品,以工匠精神为本、艺术效果为魂,给世人呈现出一幅美好画卷,让我们的生活如诗如画!经过多年孜孜不断努力,其下艺术漆“路易威尔”、“诗丽贝莎”、“兰帝斯卡”系列产品在欧州备受赞誉,安科娜、科摩、维尔维、哥瑞斯效果深得人心。进入21世纪,我们立足意大利、开启全球化征程!在中国,路易诗兰又吸收了中华文明的精华,闲适、自然、博大……,使路易诗兰散发出独特的品牌魅力,大气而不张扬、经典又时尚、古老又年轻!

LOUIS LONG Art Coatings is committed to bring the most environmentally friendly and healthy art products to all human beings. With the spirit of craftsmen as the foundation and the artistic effects as the soul, LOUIS LONG Art Coatings presents a beautiful picture to the world and makes our lives picturesque! After many years of continuous efforts, the artistic paints Louisville, Shi Li Beisha, and Landiska have been highly praised in Europe. Angel children's effects, stucco effects, and marble effects have won hearts and hearts. In the 21st century, we have established a foothold in Italy, launched a global journey, and set sail in North America and Asia Pacific! In China, Louis Polan also absorbed the essence of Chinese civilization, leisurely, natural, broad ... ..., so that Louise Shi Lan emits a unique brand of charm, the atmosphere is not assertive, classic and stylish, old and young!

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